"Spinal Wellness in the Season of Change: WVCS Chiropractic Seminar"

18 hours of amazing education planned.
"Spinal Wellness in the Season of Change: WVCS Chiropractic Seminar"
November 10-12, 2023 Charleston Embassy Suites
Starting with a JOINT class with your staff members on Friday November 10th
Dr. Gregg Friedman - "How to Navigate the Maze: Chiropractic Billing and Coding Essentials" (6 Hours)
Friday November 10th - 12:00 - 6:00
Ever have problems navigating the maze and hurdles of today's billing and coding in your office just to receive payment? This 6-hour program is specifically designed for the doctor and staff members to learn from the basics to the ethical ways of documentation and billing to help your office be reimbursed. This specifically designed program for the West Virginia Chiropractic Society is "Don't Miss" opportunity to enhance how you and your office ethically and legally navigate the maze of today's billing and coding.
Dr. Timothy Bertelsman - "Best Practices for Managing LBP" (12 Hours)
Saturday November 11th and 12th 
Join us for an exciting and informative presentation on mastering the management of low back pain! We'll dive deep into the latest evidence-based evaluation and management techniques for common lumbosacral pain generators. We'll also uncover five often-overlooked biomechanical functional problems that can seriously delay recovery - and show you how to diagnose and treat them effectively. These functional diagnoses are often the missing piece of the puzzle for many lumbosacral structural diagnoses that chiropractors encounter in their practice. And to wrap it up, we'll explore the cutting-edge classification of low back pain and equip you with real-world tools to manage the most common musculoskeletal problems more confidently.